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DG Blog #37


Everything God created is made up of atoms. Every solid thing that has mass and takes up space is called “matter.” Whatever you’re touching right now is “matter” composed of atoms. Inside each atom is a subatomic or quantum level of creation. Atoms are mostly made up of empty space but contain a tiny nucleus surrounded by that space that is formed of protons and neutrons. Within this subatomic level, nothing can be created, destroyed, or disappear—it can only be moved around or transformed and is in a constant state of frenetic, buzzing motion. Physicists are unable to explain the source of such movement since there’s no known force pushing the particles to cause the buzzing. It just simply is. I think we can safely assume that God is causing this motion by his will.

Something else about these buzzing particles is that they randomly change from being a particle to a wave and from a wave to collapse back to a particle. When this subatomic substance is in the form of a wave, it’s called a “superposition” or a state of “pure potential.” While in its wave form, something must trigger it to collapse into a particle. As a wave it is potential. But when it collapses, its “potential” has formed into a substance (particles). Crazy, huh?

Now let’s get to the really intriguing stuff. In this subatomic level of creation, the properties of our thoughts and emotions are believed to have weight, like a wave frequency, i.e., the hertz (Hz) corresponding to one crest of a wave per second. This means that our attention toward a subatomic wave (potential) can cause that wave to instantly collapse into a solid particle (substance). Carry this a little further and it means that before we focus our thoughts on a particle (solid-formed object), it remains in the “wave” state as pure potential. Only when we focus our attention will a wave “pop” (collapse) into a particle. What this means is that whenever I observe, mull over, cogitate, examine, measure, meditate, or pay attention to something I focus on it will change from the wave state (pure potential) into solid reality (particle). Confused, yet?

Okay, then. Let’s take a chair, for example. Quantum physics suggests that a chair isn’t a chair existing as solid matter until you look at it. Before you looked at it, it was in its “wave” state of pure potential to become a chair but did not materialize as a chair until you turned your head to look at it. Now, that’s absurd, because I know that chair is in a fixed state of solid matter, whether I’m looking at it or not. But if quantum physics is correct, then “somebody” has to be looking at that chair when I am not in order for it to remain in a solid form. The same goes for everything that is “matter” in the universe. Someone has to be looking at it all for it to stay solid. That only “someone” capable of doing that is our omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent Creator who holds the universe together by his ceaseless, fixed, gaze on it all—including the “matter” of which you and I are made of. The Bible confirms this where it says:

“For by [Jesus] all things [or matter] were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible [what we can see outwardly] and invisible [what we can’t see inwardly], whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things [matter] were created by him and for him. He is before all things [matter], and in him, all things [matter] hold together.” Colossians 1:16-17

Amazing the insight that quantum physics can shed on a verse like this. Do you see it? Let me add another thought. Within the superstructure of God’s universe—visible and invisible—we have our own free will to observe or focus our thoughts on something that God is focused on. This means, included in God’s active will (that keeps particles buzzing) is the effect you and I have on things, too. This makes us active partners in God’s kingdom purposes. If our thoughts have weight, then they feed into the quantum level and can affect the reality around us. That means our imaginations are weighty, with a measurable impact.

Neurobiology shows that when we observe an object, an interconnected web of neurons in our brains transmit elaborate patterns of electrical signals. If you remove that object from sight and visualize it through imagination, it causes the same firings to go off in the brain, as if you were observing the real thing. There’s no difference. Both carry the same weighty frequencies. If this is true, then let’s consider the ramifications of it. Every time we imagine something, we are pouring into “reality,” and adding another variable to the storyline of our lives. We can actually affect the particles around us in a way that can add to our gifts and graces, finding new solutions and possibilities to the challenges in our lives, and becoming more fruitful. Again this is confirmed in the Bible:

“Now faith is the assurance [title deed, confirmation] of things hoped for [divinely guaranteed], and the evidence of things not seen [the conviction of their reality—faith comprehends as fact what cannot be experienced by the physical senses]. For by this [kind of] faith the men of old gained [divine] approval.” Hebrews 11:1-2 (AMP)

This verse defines “faith” as an assurance of things hoped for. Vision, dreaming, and imagining are all a part of active faith in something not yet seen, but with a conviction of that thing’s reality, despite the surrounding circumstances. Every time I appropriate dreaming, seeing in my mind’s eye, focusing my attention on what’s ahead, what’s been promised, and how I imagine what that will look like … I am actively participating in moving particles through frequency waves occurring in my neurotransmitters which can affect a positive outcome.

My prayers “see” it happening. I just don’t mouth words, I use words to describe what I see, what I’m gazing on, what I’m imagining! That puts things in motion every time I add my “seeing” prayers to it. I partner with God, persist in prayers of “seeing” faith until what I see and speak forth from my heart (mind’s eye) will eventually stack up and materialize into a solid, tangible form. This is the power of focused faith—from a quantum physics perspective.

Read the entire chapter of Hebrews 11 and look at how each Bible character acted, how everyone moved toward God in faith. Faith is really the act of “seeing” something, “longing” for something, and earnestly “seeking” for something. These heroes of the faith did that by deliberately focusing their attention, zeroing in on, gazing on, and setting their sights on the evidence [potential] of things not yet seen.

So what are you focusing your attention on today?

Grace and Peace!

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