The Rise of the Antichrist

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The Rise of the Antichrist — Jay Zinn

Imagine a world brainwashed and preconditioned by schools, colleges, and universities to embrace the ideologies of socialism and globalism. A socialistic society is a world without borders. Now throw into the mix a pandemic of global proportions (impacting the world’s economy), and you have the “foundation” for a future alliance of the ten most influential nations on earth in the last days. The Bible refers to them as ten horns or ten kings (Daniel 7:23-24; Revelation 13:1). They will rule like absolute monarchs over their totalitarian regimes to support a one-world leader, the Antichrist (Revelation 17:12-13).

Totalitarianism is a socialistic system in which the government controls every aspect of its citizen’s lives. It is anti-capitalistic in that it manages all facets of the economy—i.e., leaving businesses in the hands of entrepreneurs while maintaining control over prices, wages, and the taxation of goods to feed the machine of a totalitarian government. Socialism and totalitarianism are the same beasts; one ultimately leads to the other.

After World War, I and WWII (under the second seal), the rise of totalitarianism occurred when many governments moved toward that direction (i.e., Hitler/Germany, Stalin/Russia, Mao Zedong/China, and Kim Il-sung/North Korea). But here’s something most people don’t see. No matter how a nation window-dresses their political ideologies, they all possess and enact variations of totalitarianism. For example, when a crisis occurs and survival takes precedence, every country reacts, in the same way, no matter their particular form of government (a republic, a democracy, a theocracy, communist, a monarchy, a politburo, or a parliament). All governments, when facing a crisis, take charge of their citizens to mitigate the outcome of the calamity. It’s happened before, it is happening now on every continent of the world—and it can happen so swiftly.

The current pandemic reveals how fast a ten-kingdom alliance could emerge under dire conditions. But this is merely a dress-rehearsal moving us toward the more significant tipping point of the sixth seal—when everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Though we’ll eventually get through this plague, the world we once knew is now radically altered. The masses are being preconditioned to government control over every facet of their lives, laying the foundation for a new “normal” and set the precedence for new world order.

These rising totalitarian governments will use creative legal ways to determine whether or not Christians can meet publicly or privately, justifying their enactment in the name of “safekeeping” or national “protection” (see attached document to what’s happening in China right now). The real battle will be in our minds and hearts and how (or if) we succumb to the increasing deception. Global calamities add fuel to the fire of ideological movements towards totalitarianism, which ultimately paves the way for a one-world dictator (Antichrist) who will rule the ten totalitarian kingdoms of the world.

So how can this come about? Let’s go back to Revelation, chapter 8. Not long after the sixth seal’s earthquake, the seventh seal is opened, which contains seven trumpets, each carrying its judgments that will come upon the earth (Revelation 8:1-2). The first trumpet will destroy a third of the earth’s crops and vegetation (8:7). The second trumpet turns a third of the earth’s oceans into blood and kills a third of the ocean’s living creatures (8:8-9). The third trumpet turns a third of the earth’s freshwaters into bitter poison, and many will die from it (8:10-11). The fourth trumpet will black-out the sun, moon, and stars for a third part of the day—i.e., eight of our twenty-four-hour day (8:12). Take a moment to visualize the implications of such devastation. All nations (big and small) will experience the same harmful destruction and be brought to their knees, which will force a totalitarian-style crackdown of every government upon their citizens to control the anarchy and chaos.

The global destruction predicted in Revelation will force smaller countries to seek help from the nearest nation to their country. Depleted resources and supplies will make it impossible for the most prominent nations to help the smaller ones. Worldwide famine will ensue (the continuing effects of the third seal), and plagues and pestilences will increase (the continuing effects of the fourth seal). Note: the current coronavirus pandemic will pale in comparison to the damage the first four trumpets will create in the future.

Now enters the Antichrist. After the first four trumpets have sounded, the fifth trumpet sounds and depicts a fallen star, which isn’t celestial but is a person who appears on the scene (Revelation 9:1). This star is the “lawless one” that Paul, the apostle, wrote would come before the Second Coming of Christ (2 Thessalonians 2:1-4). The prophet Daniel references him as a boastful “little horn” who will attempt to change laws and set times. The apostle John refers to him as a “beast” with ten horns who will oppress, persecute, and destroy God’s saints. He will rule over a one-world government supported by the ten kings and one-world religion (the Harlot). Both will assist the Antichrist in his efforts to flush out the saints and kill them (Revelation 13:1, 5-8; 17:1-6; 18:24).

But let’s stop here. I think you get the point that signs of the end-times are closing in. The world has never experienced the images and news we’re witnessing today. Streets are empty in every major city and town in the world, businesses shut down, and the cheers of the sports world silenced. Church pews sit vacant on Sunday mornings. Unemployment is surging. All of which is a taste of what’s to come. Just as the world changed after 911, it will change again after this pandemic. And after the earthquake of the sixth seal, it’ll shift even more. Not good news, I know. And I still left out the other judgments of the 6th and 7th trumpet in Revelation, and the six bowls of wrath.

Let me give you a chance to breathe a little with this. First, you need to know that the surest way you can tell that the most serious end-time countdown has begun is when a worldwide earthquake hits, the sun goes dark, the moon turns blood red, and a massive meteorite shower will enter the earth’s atmosphere witnessed around the world (Revelation 6:12-13). This current pandemic has not started the end-time clock ticking. But it is a worldwide pandemic that has created two things:

1) A wake-up call that we need God more, and we need an awakening that will lead many to examine their hearts and turn to Christ.

2) A front-row experience of how a global calamity can shift things so quickly into a paradigm shift toward people readily allowing the government to take control in the name of “survival.” Again a psychological preparation for a messiah, a savior, a global world leader down the road.

So much more has to happen for the ten-kingdom alliance and the Antichrist to appear. It can happen quickly, yes, but we’re still a long way from it. Whenever we find ourselves in dangerous times, it’s time to draw near to God and examine our hearts and relationship with him. Only God can keep our minds calm, and our faith strong, not failing with fear like those who don’t know him. It is our time to shine and for the church to rise!

Up to now, I’ve only addressed the catastrophic things in the future. My next blogs will bring better news—great news about revival through God’s ultimate secret weapon.

Grace and peace to you all!

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