The Perfect Pitch of God’s Justice (Part 2)

 In God's Justice

DG Blog #19


How long, O Lord, must I call for help, but you do not listen? Or cry out to you, “Violence!” but you do not save? Why do you make me look at injustice? Why do you tolerate wrong? Destruction and violence are before me; there is strife, and conflict abounds. Therefore the law is paralyzed, and justice never prevails. The wicked hem in the righteous so that justice is perverted. Habakkuk 1:2-4 (NIV-1986)

Because we are fashioned in God’s image, we carry his laws in our conscience—that intrinsic knowledge, that moral code of right and wrong (see Romans 1:32; 2:14-15). We carry his common sense of justice. He created us this way to be aware of our discord with him when we sin. Sin agitates us. It agitated Habakkuk. It agitates others. It agitates our family and the communities we are in. We feel discord the same way Adam and Eve did when they were out of tune and hid from God.

Adam’s fall made us instruments of discord. The only way to restore harmony with God is to align ourselves to the tuning fork of God’s laws. That tuning fork, with perfect pitch, is the perfect Son of God, Jesus Christ. Only Jesus and his death on the cross can restore harmony with God. No religion, no political party or politician, no other person can do that, because no human being on the planet is 100% flawless.

Today, in a world increasingly indoctrinated by wholesale, indiscriminate multiculturalism, we are faced with an emerging generation of youth who embrace the religion of secular humanism (we are our own gods), and the belief that any religion is okay or possesses enough “truth” to get us to heaven. Choose one or mix several, and it’s all good. But is it really?

Religion in and of itself can’t make anyone in tune with God’s requirements for justice against sin. Justice against sin requires blood, the blood of a sinless sacrifice—no longer the blood of an animal, as in the Old Testament but of someone who had never sinned (it takes one sin, one act of disobedience to create discord with God).

The only historical figure who never sinned is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. World religions acknowledge him as a great philosopher or teacher but ignore his deity and choose their own mediators between God and themselves—imperfect mediators, incapable of producing harmony with God and the world.

Islam is one example of a world religion with its own mediator. A religion of discord, rather than harmony. Divided into two major factions (Sunnis and Shiites), it contains multiple sub-factions with diverse interpretations of their Koran authored by Mohammed. Mohammed could never produce harmony with God by what he wrote because his writings were rules and laws that could never satisfy justice against sin. Only Christ’s blood could satisfy that longing in every human soul.

To satisfy our longing for justice against sin (including our own sins), our natures must be exchanged with a new nature—Christ’s perfect nature. Christ’s perfect pitch with God in us requires a new creation, a new instrument. His righteousness is the only way to bring the world into perfect harmony with God and each other.

To get hold of this understanding we must be careful not to put our trust in the arm of flesh, or of party lines and ideologies. Such entities are vastly limited in their ability to bring harmony to any nation, or justice that is completely righteous. This doesn’t mean that we cover our lamps and stop being the salt of the earth. We must engage the world as Christ engaged the world. He brought twelve men of discord into harmony with himself, with the Father, with his kingdom culture, and each other. He did this while being in a religious and political world of corruption to the point of the ultimate injustice—the illegal trial and crucifixion of his perfect, flawless life.

So before we despair and moan and groan too much (like Habakkuk) over all that’s been going on, let’s stop to consider him in his moment of suffering, who was made perfect through suffering (Hebrews 2:10). Consider him…who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that we won’t grow weary and lose heart (Hebrews 12:3) but endure.

In our vexation, our struggle against sin and corruption in a godless world, who among us have resisted to the point of shedding our own blood (Hebrews 12:4) as he did? Who among us is in perfect pitch with God except for the perfect pitch of Christ’s nature within? For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

His blood satisfied justice for my sins (discord) and brought me into one accord with God. How then can we expect the government, the world, politicians, or anyone else to do what only Christ alone could do? Peace in troublous times can only be felt through our perfect pitch (or harmony) with God and trust in his ability to bring about justice—if not now, most assuredly in the end (1 Timothy 5:24-The Amplified Bible with Revelation 20:11-15).

Grace and Peace!

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