The Perfect Pitch of God’s Justice (Part 1)

 In God's Justice

DG Blog #18


A moral outrage wells within the human soul over the atrocities of the wicked. The Bible likens humanity in its sinful condition to brute beasts (Psalm 73:22; 2 Peter 2:12). Every day the news displays visual reports of brutish and beastly actions happening in our nation and the world. The civilized soul cries for justice against such crimes upon humanity.

Abel’s blood cried from the ground for justice against his brother Cain, who slew him (Genesis 4:10), The sons of Jacob sought retribution against the Hivite who raped their sister, Dinah (Genesis 34). And the tribes of Israel united in moral outrage against the men of Benjamin who had raped and murdered a Levite’s concubine (Judges 19 and 20). Asaph (Psalm 73) and Habakkuk (1:2-4), too, complained to God about the injustice of violent and wicked men who pervert justice.

They were deeply discouraged by the inequity of the wicked, who appeared to have no troubles while they oppressed the righteous who suffered at their hands. As believers and disciples, we will face such questions from the lost about God in this matter: Why does he allow it? Where is his justice? Where is the hope that justice will ever happen? We want it. We crave it because of a deep human need to see it.

God created Adam and Eve in his image with an internal moral code of right and wrong (i.e., right to obey God; wrong to disobey God). God tested that moral code when he strictly forbade them to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The knowledge of “good” occurs when we choose obedience to God’s commands and, in this case, was already in place for Adam and Eve to enjoy immortality, peace, and access to all other trees in the garden—including the Tree of Life and a life of purpose and fellowship with God.

The knowledge of “evil” occurred through their disobedience. They chose to forfeit God’s blessings of immortality, peace, and access to the Tree of Life—all for one bite of the forbidden fruit. Justice had to step in and confront their immoral action because God’s nature is just and cannot permit in-justice. Adam and Eve broke God’s law, and for justice to stand, the penalty was death—death to a life of immortality, death to a home in paradise, and death to the joys and pleasures they had with God through obedience.

Disobedience is like an instrument out of tune. It creates disharmony, a discord between instruments as in an orchestra. There are basic laws in music that cannot be altered. Perfect pitch exists for chords that are sung or played to create a harmonious sound. Voices, keys, or strings out of tune create disharmony, and the human ear becomes agitated by it. An instrument out of tune especially catches the attention of the conductor who must confront the discord and correct it.

It’s the same in God’s creation. There are inalterable laws of harmony in this world. Disobedience to God’s laws creates discord. As an instrument out of tune must be tuned, so a soul out of tune with God’s laws must be tuned by his justice. It is the only way to restore harmony between God and man.

Grace and Peace!

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