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Perspective can be defined as a point of view or sense of proportion about something. To illustrate, let’s imagine an experienced sailor en route to a destination across a vast ocean body is suddenly hit by a storm, loses his boat, and finds himself afloat in a raft with no land in sight. Though he took every step to survive his predicament, he lacks perspective—i.e., a point of view (land) or a sense of proportion (how far from land?). He has no way of measuring whether he’ll make it out of this situation alive. His vision is limited to his circumstances, and so is his ability to call for help. As the days go by, his hope begins to wane.

God, on the other hand, never lacks perspective because he’s omniscient—all-knowing. He not only sees the man drifting along in despair, he sees the cargo ship moving steadily toward him on a full visible day. God is eternal (not limited to time) and, therefore, knows this man’s despair will soon turn into hope and joy. Suddenly a point of view (the ship) will appear on the horizon, and a sense of proportion (a rescue) will give this man the perspective he lacked.

Here’s where I’m going with this. Until we gain the perspective of God’s sovereign rule in the affairs of the nations, despite how hopeless it might seem, we will live as a people without perspective, drifting along through life, tossed to and fro by event after event, or circumstance after circumstance that robs us of joy, peace, and happiness. Up to now, we took steps to do our part to determine the outcome of this election (we voted), but we must see the outcome of this election through God’s perspective whether we like the outcome or not. Remember, we are in the raft right now, but God has a perspective from an eternal vantage point.

“The Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone he wishes.” —Daniel 4:25

God is the sovereign ruler of the universe. His authority is unrestricted, for there is no higher authority to oppose it. He possesses every ability to be in absolute control over everything. He is all-powerful, so no one can interfere or deter him from carrying out his will. He is all-present so that no one can escape his assessment of our deeds. He is all-knowing so that his judgments lack no degree of information or wisdom to rule justly in all matters concerning his creation. He is free of any restraint to do precisely as he wills whenever he wills to carry out every detail of his eternal purposes—in heaven and on earth.

In God’s sovereignty, he controls the time and seasons, has dominion over the affairs of nations, determines the course of world events, removes world leaders and sets up other world leaders, raises up a nation and brings another down, commands the forces of nature, and regulates the laws of the universe—all to achieve his holy and divine purposes. That is perspective. God’s perspective. He sees what we cannot see. He knows what we lack the ability to know. Therefore, we can be confident that whatever the outcome of this election—God remains sovereign, and his kingdom marches on. True joy, true confidence, true happiness cannot be found in the arm of flesh but in the sovereign rule of God. We did our part to vote and pray from the limited perspective we have. Now let’s trust God who will not be moved or restricted from the outcome. In that, we find the joy and strength to go forth with his kingdom purposes at work in us.

I know what I would like to see happen and will continue to pray for that outcome. But if it doesn’t, I refuse to drift in the sea of despair. My rescue came to me on January 9, 1972. The day Jesus set me free and gave me an eternal perspective.

Grace and peace!

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