Without a systematic approach to learning the Bible, most people are limited in their ability to draw from its life-giving pages. Without the guidance of someone coaching them with a method of discovering the treasures in God’s Word, it’s too intimidating to tackle on their own. Discipleship is a way to fix this problem and will create an awakening of renewed passion for God. When authentic discipleship happens in a congregation, attendance increases again because healthy churches grow.

In Discover Discipleship, Dr. Zinn will introduce you to a time-tested and lifelong method of going deeper and growing stronger in God. His comprehensive system will equip you with the tools you need to feed yourself in God’s Word and enjoy the journey in a small group of like-minded saints.

Dr. Jay Zinn has planted and pastored three churches. Since 1976, he has been in the ministry of feeding and caring for souls through preaching, teaching, counseling, and making disciples.

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