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First brother in Christ to complete the Discipleship Course

Where do I begin? That’s the question in my mind writing this now; and the very loud question that was in my heart a few years ago. Life was dealing me the usual blows that I am sure everyone faces. I was losing to the ways of the world; my life was only creating death in its many forms. In response to the loss, I was hungry to know God’s truth, to know his nature, to know his Kingdom. I simply wanted to know the truth of life and the truth of God—that is, from a point of “is there really a God,” and if so, does he care about me, does he care to reveal himself, and does he want life for me in the form of true victory?

In answer to these questions, God sent me Jay Zinn. Our “miracle encounter” was surely a divine appointment and as you read this, I can assure you the same miracle encounter is before you. I was hungry, and God was going to serve me meat. This Discipleship Book series was in its infancy when I was offered the adventure of joining his discipleship group, an offer I accepted without truly understanding what was at stake.

Jay asked me to give him four weeks to try out the first book… and I will tell you, not only did I do the first four weeks, but tripled down and, over the course of that first month, Jay helped me complete 12 weeks of material. I was that hungry, and the meat was that tasty. The priority to eat at the feast God prepared has never left, nor has a meal never satisfied my hunger. After all 6 books of Jay’s discipleship series, and the weeks/months/years that I’ve sat at the table, not once, I tell you not once, was I ever left wanting.

At the beginning of the series, I was a total rookie in the things of God. Make no mistake, the more I’ve learned over these last years, the more I know just how little I knew about God, His Kingdom, and the way His Kingdom operates. If I could describe my weekly church experience and growth in relationship in a line, it would have been one degree of an angle upward from flat.

Within weeks of starting this discipleship plan, my description of that same line looked like a rocket ship straight up, straight up to Heaven itself, and that’s where my relationship with the Trinity has remained. In full truth, it never would’ve happened in any other way that I have seen and experienced in my life. Jay Zinn has poured his life’s work, and the Holy Spirit’s direction and power into every word, every week, every book, and every disciple, creating true followers of the gospel. And when I say “gospel,” you may not fully grasp what I’m talking about, but trust me, follow Jay’s discipleship plan, stay in the race to complete all six books, and you will understand that and so much more.

The Bible speaks in James of bearing fruit and doing works based on our belief/faith/knowing of God. In my opinion, nothing speaks more to this truth than those willing to disciple others. The things I’ve learned through this process are impossible to keep to myself. As Jay discipled me, it made my heart burdened to disciple others. So far, I’ve led people through books one, two, three, four and some have made it through all 6 books. Nothing has brought me greater joy than watching others grow in their Kingdom relationships in the exact same rocket ship ride and manner that I experienced through discipleship. Freedom, joy, victory are all very real words and concepts in God’s creation; how awesome to have partaken of this in my own life, and watching those words blossom in the lives of others.

At the time of this writing I can, without any hesitation, tell you that God is real, that God loves me, and that he cares for my victory while I live on this earth. His promise of eternal life in heaven is a nice perk, but I can tell you the truth, he wants you to experience eternal life while you remain on this earth, too. You’re to be a walking billboard for his Kingdom.

I thank Jay for his love for all God’s children; and I especially thank him for creating a platform that makes his ceiling my floor. I love you my brother in Christ, my father in spirit, and my guide to an everlasting Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Heaven as it is can be on earth.

Bo Quickel

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