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First sister in Christ to complete the Discipleship Course

My name is Amy Pugh and I completed the sixth and final installment of the Discipleship Group curriculum written by Jay Zinn. I can’t say enough good things about his discipleship series and how I’ve grown over the last several years because of it. I am healthier and stronger spiritually than ever before in my walk with the Lord. I attribute much of that to his books. 

I love the Word of God. I love reading it and studying the verses for further understanding. These DG books have taught me how to study better and hear from the Lord in a clearer way.

Dr. Zinn says in book five of his series that “discipleship is the process of leading new converts into a greater intimacy with Jesus.” He also states that “the prime directive is to point people to Jesus and not to ourselves.” As I have been discipled through these books, this has occurred! I am always being pointed to Jesus and I have a greater love walk with my Father.

My journey through the pages of these books was different than others. I couldn’t meet weekly with someone, nor do I lead one currently, although I use this material often to pray with, encourage, and mentor others by what I learn. It can be done! As a pastor’s wife and mother of two children, I have a full life, but I still made my study time in these books a priority. It truly impacted my life more than words can say. 

My time through Book Six came at such a critical moment for me in my own life. My husband and I were asked to step into a new role as pastors over a local congregation. Book Six provided great insight on pastoring and leading people and remains to be a great tool to help us choose the correct people for future key leadership positions.

I’m grateful to Jay Zinn for his investment in my life. It truly is an eternal investment and has made me a better person, leader, and disciple. The knowledge you’ll find inside these books is incredible. So whether you’re thinking of starting the curriculum series or you’re making your way through it now, I say go for it! Don’t quit. You won’t regret it. The lives around you will be positively impacted by the difference it’ll make in your life, and they will thank you for it.

Amy Pugh

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